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Cream And Gold Dress

cream and gold dress

  • Add cream to (coffee)

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cream and gold dress - Carriage by

Carriage by Timex Women's C3C397 Gold Tone Round Case Cream Dial Gold Tone Gold Jewelry Bracelet Watch

Carriage by Timex Women's C3C397 Gold Tone Round Case Cream Dial Gold Tone Gold Jewelry Bracelet Watch

The cream dial and golden shine of the Carriage by Timex Women's Gold Tone Round Case Cream Dial Gold Tone Gold Jewelry Bracelet Watch gives it a graceful style. The small round case and gold-tone bezel of this watch surround an easy-to-read dial and provide comfort for a petite wrist. The cream dial features black Arabic numerals at each hour position and the gleaming gold-tone hour, minute, and second hands complement the bezel and bracelet of this timepiece. A polished gold-tone link bracelet is accented with rounded edges for comfort and style. The bracelet also features a raised, rounded stripe accent down the center of each link and securely fastens with a jewelry clasp. This Timex timepiece features reliable quartz movement and is protected by a durable mineral crystal window.

88% (18)

CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe "Princess Milk BisQuit de Q-pot."

CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe "Princess Milk BisQuit de Q-pot."

Princess Milk BisQuit is a cheerful fashionista who loves to shop in Paris.
Her chic gold dress with "Q" logos looks just like a foil covering a fancy bonbon.
The balloon skirt makes gives her the look of a lovely little candy!
Her crown mimics the milk scattered like the shape of crown when you drop a droplet into a cup of milk.
The milk crown matches perfectly with the lovely Biscuit princess!
Her earrings and necklace are the miniature of popular Q-pot. biscuit accessories.
They are designed specially for Blythe, and there is a "Milk BisQuit" logo on them.
The biscuit-printed bag has a lovely detail of the cream between the biscuits.
There are matching ribbons on the bag and chocolate cane.
The gold stand is the same design as Petite Blythe "Mademoiselle Chocolat de Q-pot."

E260 Fairy in Love, $27.90/ USD18.50

E260 Fairy in Love, $27.90/ USD18.50

With a 5cm drop, Fairy in Love is made with U.S. imported fairy charm, U.S. imported arrowed heart, opal white swaroski-studded gold ring, swaroski crystals, czech glass beads, glass pearls, red rose charm, 14k gold-plated chains, 14k gold-plated ear hooks etc. This pair would be very suitable for a wedding event when matched with a lovely (champaign) gold dress, red dress or beign/cream coloured dress etc.

cream and gold dress

cream and gold dress

Paul Malone Wedding Vest Set Cream Gold 5pcs Tuxedo Vest + Necktie + Ascot + Hanky + 2 Cufflinks S

This Paul Malone Tuxedo Vest Set

Tuxedo Vest , Neck Tie, Ascot, Handkerchief and Matching Cufflinks

Tuxedo Vest Set with Tone on Tone Pattern.
A Beautiful Combination for a Truly Special Day. This Tuxedo Vest Set includes
a Neck tie AND an Ascot Tie, as well as a Pocket Square and Cufflinks

This Tuxedo Vest Set Features:

` Material : 100% Polyester
` Full Back Tuxedo Vest
` 5 Items - Vest , Necktie, Ascot, Pocket Square and Cufflinks
` Strap in the Back to adjust the width
` Necktie has a double inter lining for a voluminous feel, perfect to create a BIG KNOT

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